Lost & Found

Avoid Losing Your Dog

How can I avoid losing my dog?

A sterilised dog
  • Neuter your dog. A neutered dog is less likely to wander off to look for mates.

Dog with a family
  • Keep your dog properly confined so that it cannot escape (but make sure it gets sufficient exercise and space to move).

Dog with leash
  • Make sure that you and your family socialise and train your dog so that if your dog runs loose, it will still listen to your command and stop or sit and wait for you.

  • Keep your dog on a leash when going out and always keep it under proper control.

Tracing Lost Dog

How can I trace my lost dog?

Dog tag
  • Fit your dog with a collar and place an identification tag on the collar. Include your dog’s name and your contact number on the tag for identification.

  • Microchip and license your dog by the time it has reached 5 months of age. If your dog gets lost and is eventually found by our department, it can be quickly traced to you through our department’s microchip and licence records.
  • Keep your contact information up to date by notifying AFCD of any changes.

What To Do

What should I do if my dog is lost?

Police station, SPCA, veterinary clinic
  1. Report to:
Dog licence
  1. Provide the following to the police or AMC:
    • your dog’s microchip number;
    • your dog’s name, age, breed, colour, sex and a description of any special body markings your dog has;
    • information such as when and where your dog was lost;
    • a description of any other identifications your dog may have and/or be wearing such as the appearance of its collar and identification tag.
Lost dog ads in newspaper
  1. Release information:
    • Put up flyers around the neighbourhood, at veterinary clinics or pet shops near your home. The flyers should have your dog’s photograph and your contact number. Search your neighbourhood and ask your neighbours for help.

You should note that stray dogs without microchip identification may be disposed of or re-homed 4 days after detention by AFCD. You should also note that a detention fee will be charged if your dog is found stray and detained by AFCD.

Leaflets & Posters

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Poster 'Lost and Found'